The Gobble Dot Universal is a simple, but quite durable front/rear turkey sight combination. We use a 3M adhesive to attach this sight to the top of your shotgun’s rib.


Please be sure to fully degrease and clean the area where you intend to mount these fiber-optic sights with an alcohol wipe or degreasing agent, prior to installation.


Pro Series MAGNUM GOBBLE•DOT™ Install Tip

The PRO SERIES MAGNUM GOBBLE DOT (TG944 series) was designed with a generous amount of elevation adjustment.  It is important to mount the two sights as far away from each other as possible to maximize elevation adjustment.


The rear sight needs to be brought as far back on the rib as you can, without coming past the barrel onto the receiver and it is also important for the bottom of the sight that it does not contact the top of the barrel. You will also need to shoot with a full face contact to the shotgun’s buttstock comb to ensure you are getting your line of sight low enough.

Replacing Fiber for TRU•BEAD™ Universal Sight

First, be sure the firearm is unloaded before attempting any service. To remove the TG949A/B fiber-optic insert, you need to press down a bit on the middle of the fiber insert, this in turn will depress a small rubber disc under the fiber. This rubber disc applies upward pressure on the fiber-optic, bowing it slightly, and this tension keeps the fiber locked into the retention apertures.


Then, as you press down slightly on the fiber-optic, you will simultaneously push the fiber to the rear of the firearm to remove. To reinsert, reverse the process with the larger flared end facing towards the rear of the firearm.

Information on Co-Witnessing your Dot Optic

Below is the specifications sheet from our current catalog with Co-Witness Height information.




Depending on the specific sight picture you wish to achieve, this will determine the riser height required. Additionally, the specific sight you are installing will impact this choice as center lens location is different on many models. Many factors come into play to make this decision.  The style of the buttstock and the height of its comb, the shooter’s face/head position on this stock and the achieved height of your line of sight. We recommend taking your firearm to a local gun shop with a variety of riser heights available and see which heights provides the best, most comfortable and effective sight picture you require.

Sight compatibility for Taurus® G2, G2C, and G3

TRUGLO TFX PRO (TG13TA2PC), TFX (TG13TA2A), and TRITIUM PRO (TG231T2W) are designed around the Taurus 709 Slim, 740 Slim, and Millennium G2 models. The G2C and G3 use the same sight cut as the G2.

As a part of QC procedure, Taurus occasionally changes the rear sight on some of the G2, G2C, and G3 models to match the point of impact of a particular gun. The rear sight height we sell is designed around the most common Taurus rear sight. The majority of the time, this will fit properly and and the point of impact will be correct. If your individual gun was one that received a different rear sight from the Taurus factory, your point of impact may be slightly high or slightly low. In that case, please contact our customer service department at 972-774-0300. We have “non-standard” height Taurus rear sights on hand that can be exchanged for your current rear sight to achieve a better point of impact.

As we discovered this, the 2020 catalog lists the G2C as an excluded model. This is not the case. The majority of G2C and G3 sights will fit fine, and POI will be correct. Only rare occasions require a different rear sight.




OMNIA™ Reticle Manual

Early versions of the product manual included an extra line that is not present in the scope reticle.  All other markings in your scope are correct.


Like any BDC scope, the drop distances can be measured for any cartridge.


To take advantage of all of the benefits of the TG8514TLR OMNIA 4 and TG8516TLR OMNIA 6 scopes on an AR-15 or similar platform rifle, a 50/200 zero is recommended.


This allows you to quickly use the center crosshair for shooting up to 300 yards without any adjustment.  The extended BDC ladder can be used for longer ranges.


  • First sight in the center of the illuminated crosshair at 50yds.
  • At 100 yards, the bullet is moving upwards and the POI of impact will be at the top of the center crosshair.
  • At 200 yards, the bullet is now fall through the center of the crosshair.
  • At 300 yards, the POI will be aligned with the bottom of the center crosshair.
  • At 350 yards, the POI will be aligned with top of the BDC ladder.
  • At 400 yards, the POI will align with the first major cross in the BDC ladder.
  • 500 and 600 yard references can also be found on the BDC ladder.


These references are based on the 5.56mm XM193 cartridge (55gr, 3150fps) fired from a 16in. barrel.


These references are designed for combat accuracy, and while close will not exactly match every bullet or barrel profile.  Temperature, shooting angle, and other factors still influence the exact trajectory, but the APTR is specially design to quickly get you on target, near or far.


For other cartridges, it is recommended to obtain a 100yd zero with the center crosshair, and measure or calculate other distances in the BDC ladder.

Sights for S&W® M&P Shield California Compliant Models

Our Smith and Wessson M&P series sights are designed as a direct replacements for factory M&P sights. (Full size, compact, Shield, etc.)

The California compliant M&P shield models feature a loaded chamber indicator (LCI). This LCI partially obscures the sight picture of the factory sights. TRUGLO sights are based on the height of the factory sights (to fit standard holsters, etc.) and experience the same issue.

There is not currently a California specific sight model to circumvent the issue of the LCI partially obscuring the front sight.



Sig® P320 X-Series Sight Set Compatibility

Unfortunately our handgun sight sets are not compatible with any of the Sig Sauer P320 X-Series pistols. This includes the X5, X5 Legion, X-Carry, and X-Compact. This is due to these firearms utilizing a rear sight optic plate where the rear sight is attached to the optic plate, i.e. no rear sight dovetail.


However TRUGLO offers a Fiber-Optic Pro front sight only compatible with the Sig Sauer P320 X5 (includes X5 Legion).