How can I get replacement mounting hardware for my 30mm Red•Dot Optic?

Depending on the model you own, some of our 30mm Red•Dot Optics have undergone some revisions for 2020. In order to assist you better and assure we send out the correct mounting hardware for your optic, please confirm which version of the 30mm Red•Dot optic you have. Call our Customer Service toll free 877-269-8490.


Complete Handgun Chart

BRAND/TYPE MODEL Green Front, Yellow Rear Green Front, Green Rear Orange Front White Front
Glock “Low” (17,19, 23, 24, 26, 27, 33,34, 35, 38, 39, 45) TG13GL1PC TG13GL1A TG131GT1Y TG131GT1 TG231G1C TG231G1W TG231G1 TG132G1 TG131G1
TG13GL4A (Suppressor Height)
“Hi” (20, 21) TG13GL2PC TG13GL2A TG131GT2Y TG131GT2 TG231G2C TG231G2W TG231G2 TG132G2 TG131G2
Single Stack (42, 43, 48) TG13GL3PC TG13GL3A TG131GT1B TG131GT1A TG231G1AC TG231G1AW TG231G1A   TG131G3
MOS 17, 19, 34, 35           TG231G1MW      
MOS 40, 41           TG231G2MW      
CZ® CZ75B (CZ 75 Series) TG13CZ1PC TG13CZ1A     TG231Z1C TG231Z1W   TG132CZ  
CZP10 TG13CZ2PC TG13CZ2A     TG231Z2C TG231Z2W      
1911 .270 Front/.500 Rear TG13NV4PC TG13NV4A TG131NT4Y TG131NT4 TG231N4W TG231N4    
.260 Front/.500 Rear TG13NV3PC TG13NV3A TG131NT3Y TG131NT3   TG231N3W TG231N3    
.270 Front/.450 Rear TG13NV2PC TG13NV2A TG131NT2Y TG131NT2   TG231N2W TG231N2    
.260 Front/.450 Rear TG13NV1PC TG13NV1A TG131NT1Y TG131NT1   TG231N1W TG231N1    
Beretta® PX4 Storm TG13BR1PC TG13BR1A       TG231B1W      
Springfield Armory® XD, XDM, XDS TG13XD1PC TG13XD1A TG131XTY TG131XT TG231X1C TG231X1W TG231X TG132XD TG131X
Ruger® SR9/SR9C, SR40/SR40C, SR45 TG13RS1PC TG13RS1A TG131RT1 (front sight only)      TG231R1W TG231R1    
American TG13RS3PC TG13RS3A       TG231R3W      
LC9/LC9S, LC380 TG13RS2PC TG13RS2A TG131RT2Y TG131RT2   TG231R2W TG231R2    
Taurus® Mil. G2, 709 Slim, 740 Slim TG13TA2PC TG13TA2A       TG231T2W      
FNH® FNP-40, FNX-40 TG13FN2PC TG13FN2A       TG231F2W      
FNP-9, FNX-9 TG13FN1PC TG13FN1A       TG231F1W      
FNP-45, FNX-45 TG13FN3PC TG13FN3A       TG231F3W      
Smith & Wesson® M&P® TG13MP1PC TG13MP1A TG131MPTY TG131MPT TG231MP1C TG231MP1W TG231MP TG132MP TG131MP
M&P® 380 EZ         TG231MP3C TG231MP3W      
M&P® 9 EZ         TG231MP4C TG231MP4W      
M&P® Bodyguard® 380         TG231MP2C TG231MP2W      
J-Frame Models with Pinned Front Sight TG13SJ1PC TG13SJ1A              
Walther® PPS M2 TG13WA4PC TG13WA4A       TG231W2W      
CCP TG13WA3PC TG13WA3A       TG231W3W      
PPS Classic TG13WA2PC TG13WA2A       TG231W2W      
P99 and PPQ TG13WA1PC TG13WA1A       TG231W1W      
Steyr® Mannlicher M-A1, C-A1, S-A1, L-A1 TG13SM1PC TG13SM1A              
Kimber® 1911 Models with Fixed Rear Sight TG13KM1PC TG13KM1A TG131KTY TG131KT   TG231K1W TG231K   TG131K
Kahr® K, MK, P, PM, T, TP (after 2004) TG13KA1PC TG13KA1A TG131AT1Y TG131AT1   TG231A1W      
HK® VP9, VP40, P30, P30SK, P30L, 45, 45 Tactical TG13HP1PC TG13HP1A              
Sig Sauer® #8 Front/#8 Rear TG13SG1PC TG13SG1A TG131ST1Y TG131ST1   TG231S1W TG231S1   TG131S1
#6 Front/#8 Rear TG13SG2PC TG13SG2A       TG231S2W TG231S2   TG131S2
P238 TG13SG3PC                
P365 TG13SG4PC                

What is tritium and is it safe?


Simply put, tritium is one of the most powerful technologies TRUGLO utilizes to make sights bright. It does not need batteries or need to be charged with light. It provides a constant glow for years. This makes it a great technology for emergency equipment like illuminated exit signs, watch hands, and handgun sights.

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. It gradually breaks down and decays into helium. As it decays, a small about of energy is gives off. The tritium vials found in gun “night sights” and wrist watches contain a small amount of tritium gas and phosphorus or other photo-sensitive materials. As the tritium breaks down and gives off energy. This energy (ionizing radiation) excites the phosphorus and causes it to glow. This creates a constant and steady glow for years.

The rated half life of tritium is approximately 12 years. This means that after twelve years, handgun sights will be approximately half as bright are when there were first sent to the dealer.

Tritium gas occurs naturally in the atmosphere. It is generally considered to be harmless, except in very high concentrations. The amount of tritium used in in wrist watches and handgun sights falls well below the amount considered to be harmful.

If a tritium vial ever breaks or leaks (which is rare), there is no required clean-up or precautionary handling procedure. Tritium is a pressurized buoyant gas that quickly dissipates and returns to the atmosphere.
Facilities that work with tritium and install tritium vials are heavily regulated by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) to ensure that maximum tritium quantities in a facility are within safe limits and that all tritium-related products are installed and maintained in a safe manner.

Here is an interesting article from about tritium night sights:


Which TRUGLO® sights fit the Kahr P380 Pistol?

At this time we do not offer sights for the Kahr P380 handgun. We are always evaluating new additions to our product line. Be sure to visit our website and social media pages in the future for new additions to our product line.

Determining Front Sight Thread Size for Shotgun

If you are looking to replace the front sight bead on your shotgun, you will first need to determine the thread dimension of this front sight bead. You should take your shotgun to a local gunsmith, where they can carefully remove this bead, without damage to the bead or shotgun and then make a determination of its thread dimension. Once this is known, you can select from our Star Brite, Long Bead and Fat Bead replacement front sights in thread dimensions of:


  • 2.6mm (M2.6×0.45)
  • 3-56, 3.0mm (M3x0.50)
  • 5-40
  • 6-48


Remington® Front Sight Replacement Tip

If you are looking to replace the front sight bead on your shotgun, you will first need to determine the thread dimension of this front sight bead. You should take your Remington shotgun to a local gunsmith, where they can carefully remove this bead, without damage to the bead or shotgun and then make a determination of its thread dimension. Many Remington shotgun beads are “press-fit”, and not threaded into the barrel. If this is the case with your shotgun, the bead hole will need to be tapped to accept a threaded sight…we recommend to tap for the 6-48 thread dimension.


Once this is known, you can select from our Star Brite, Long Bead and Fat Bead replacement front sights in thread dimensions of:

  • 2.6mm (M2.6×0.45)
  • 3-56
  • 3.0mm (M3x0.50)
  • 5-40
  • 6-48.

These are the most common thread sizes found on most modern shotguns.

Universal Sight Alignment Issue

A lot of this alignment has to do with where the threads on each part begin to engage and of course where they come to full stop.


When this happens, it is possible to backfill the original bead hole with a pliable, but firm material that can crush into this hole and at the same time keep the sight secure. This material can take up some of the space and make sure the sight is secured.


Gunsmiths will often shave a tiny piece of lead (Pb) from the tip of a projectile and use this to embed the sight within the threaded bead aperture. This is often successful, but care must be taken, if too much material is used, it can be very difficult to remove once crushed.


For this reason, a gunsmith may be of great value for this replacement and is highly recommended.

Choke Shot Size

TRUGLO does not recommend using shot larger than US #4 (3.30mm) through our choke models

Shotgun Choke Tube Compatibility

If you shotgun does not appear on our choke capability chart then we either do not offer a choke for the platform or we require information on which choke system your shotgun utilizes. Please contact the manufacturer of your shotgun for their choke tube system compatibility confirmation and come back to us with this information. Once we have this information, we can make the best recommendation.


12 TG180X (.665 in.) TG150XC(.643 in.) TG170XC (.665 in.) Remington® Remchoke 870/1100/11-87/887; Charles Daly® pumps, and semi-automatics; Mossberg® Pro-Factor™ PF3
12 TG150AXC(.643 in.) Remington® Pro Bore
12 TG181X (.680 in.) TG151XC(.670 in.) TG171XC (.695 in.) Mossberg® 3.5 AccuChoke 835 Ulti-Mag/935 Magnum
12 TG182X (.665 in.) TG152XC(.643 in.) TG172XC (.665 in.) Winchester ® WinChoke 1200/1300/1400; Browning® Invector; Charles Daly® Over-Under models; H&R® (excluding Excell automatic); Ithaca®; Maverick Arms® 88, Mossberg® Pro-Factor™ PF1 1500/535/9200/930; New England Firearms®; SKB®; Stoeger® Coach/Condor/Uplander; Weatherby®
12 TG183X (.665 in.) TG153XC(.643 in.) TG173XC (.665 in.) Benelli® Crio
12 TG184X (.665 in.) TG154XC(.643 in.) TG174XC (.665 in.) Beretta® OptimaChoke Plus
12 TG154AXC(.643 in.) TG174AXC (.665 in.) Beretta® OptimaChoke HP
12 TG185X (.665 in.) TG175XC (.665 in.) Benelli®/Beretta® Mobil choke; Franchi®; Stoeger®; Pumps, and semi-automatics; Mossberg® Pro-Factor™ PF2 Silver Reserve
12 TG186X (.665 in.) TG156XC(.643 in.) TG176XC (.565 in.) Browning® Invector Plus; Winchester® Super X2/X3/Supreme; Sake®/Tikka®
20 TG187X (.565 in.) TG157XC(.550 in.) TG177XC (.565 in.) Remington® RemChoke and most Charles Daly®/Mossberg® Pro-Factor™ PF3
20 TG188X (.565 in.) TG178XC (.565 in.) Winchester® WinChoke; Maverick Arms® 88;/Mossberg® AccuChoke 500/505/510 Mini/Pro-Factor™ PF1


Measuring Rib Width to Determine Correct Model Sight

In order to best choose a sight to fit your shotguns rib accurately measure (1/100ths inches) the width of this shotgun’s rib where you’d intend to install the front and rear sight(s).

Once you have this measurement, review the available options and determine which sight will best fit your shotgunIf the rib on your shotgun is too narrow/wide for our Pro Series magnum Gobble Dot sight we’d recommend you look at the TG950XD, or TG950X Universal to install on this shotgun. These sights do require the front sight bead to be removed and replaced with the front sight from these kits.


If you have any questions regarding fitment feel free to call toll free 877-269-8490 for assistance.