The Crossbow Hunter Collection

For those who like to get out in early season with the accuracy of a crossbow, the world has come a long way in a few short years. Hunting with a crossbow is legal in most states, and new crossbow models are faster than ever before. As hunters progress with their equipment, they often find that the bolts, optic, and other accessories that came bundled with the crossbow “package deal” often don’t make the cut. With a few simple upgrades, hunters can take full advantage of the power and accuracy of their crossbows.


For hunters looking to improve their crossbows, the first recommendation we make is almost always to upgrade optics. Whether a scope or a dot sight, an optic does not improve the inherit accuracy of a crossbow; however, it most certainly improves the way the hunter can use the weapon, which can make all the difference. Increasing brightness and clarity in an optic lets hunters sit with a viable chance at an ethical shot until the last minute of legal light. Illuminated reticles also help hunters when shooting against a dark background.


Beyond optics, there is some other simple equipment that improves the hunting experience with a crossbow. To start, you are going to need broadheads—you may as well use good ones. Titanium X broadheads are sharp, accurate, and durable—holding up to the speed and abuse of a powerful crossbow much better than aluminum heads. We offer both a 4-blade mechanical head and a 4-blade fixed head with a ferrule diameter specifically for crossbow bolts. After upgrading broadheads, string silencers can make a big difference in reducing the loud “thud” of high-speed crossbow models. A crossbow also sends shorter arrows deeper into targets. An often-overlooked item is a bolt puller to aid in removing crossbow bolts from targets without damaging them. Finally, let’s address the fact that a lot of crossbow designs can be ungainly to hold for long periods of time, especially when waiting for a shot. At a minimum, this can be uncomfortable. At times this can lead to inaccuracy and even be dangerous. The HIP•SHOT crossbow shooting rest is a folding monopod designed specifically to support a crossbow and steady the shot, whether standing, sitting, or kneeling.