The Gobble Stopper Collection

Come springtime, there is not much that is much more fun than chasing longbeards in the woods. If you are up for the challenge of hunting turkeys with a bow, check out the bowhunter collection. If you are gearing up to hunt mature toms with a scatter gun, here are some pieces of equipment that will help.


Shooting a gobbler in the head is a much narrower proposition than hitting a duck or dove on the wing. While you may still be shooting a decent sized pattern, you’ll want to be as precise as possible. This can be tricky with just a front bead. We have several shotgun sight options that include a rear sight, but some of our favorite models are those that are highly adjustable. A set of accurate and bright fiber-optic sights can make all the difference when hunting a morning bird right off the roost.


For those who want even more accuracy coupled with a simple bright sight picture, it is hard to beat a red-dot sight on a turkey gun. Open dot sights can also be much more forgiving than scopes in low light and when you need to shoot from an awkward angle without being perfectly aligned. We make dot sights specifically for turkey hunting, but some of our tactical models are also great on a shotgun. Here are some of our top picks:


Can you kill a turkey with your factory shotgun choke? Probably… if you call him in extremely close and know the limitations of your pattern very well. We suspect you are here not because you want to just get by with the basics, but because you want to turn your shotgun into a gobble-stopping, tom-toppling machine. A good turkey choke makes a world of difference in concentrating the power of any turkey load. For those wanting to reach out a good distance with a tight pattern, the HEAD•BANGER is our recommendation. With a good load the is well aimed, it is not uncommon for hunters to take birds beyond 50 yards with the HEAD•BANGER If you are looking for value, check out the STRUT•STOPPER and GOBBLE•STOPPER chokes tubes that come with a basic set of fiber optic sights to update both your pattern and your aiming system.


There are some obvious accessories that help a turkey hunt: good calls, good camo, maybe some decoys, and a vest to carry it all. Outside of what goes directly on your gun, there are a few great TRUGLO accessories that can help in your turkey hunt. Pattern your shotgun with the TRU•SEE™ turkey target. Not only will this help you get a feel for the size and location of your pattern at a given distance, but it will help you see the effect on the actual life-size anatomy of a turkey. Additionally, aid your shot with some short of support. While a weapon mounted bipod may be great for a rifleman, it is not ideal for the turkey woods. Check out the HIP•SHOT™ adaptive shooting rest or our SOLID•SHOT™ bipod for a versatile system that is easy to bring along for the hunt.