The Pistolero Collection

In the TRUGLO staff we have IDPA and USPSA competitors, gadget guys who tinker with everything, travelers who carry daily, and moms and dads who believe in home defense. We’re passionate about our pistols, and we suspect that you are too. It is great to live in and time with so many great handgun designs. However, there are a few modifications and pieces of kit that can improve the performance of both the handgun and the shooter. Here are some of our favorites:


If you want to shoot accurately but can’t see your sights clearly, well, you are in for a challenge. The number one perfomance upgrade we recommend is for shooters to push out those factory iton sights and put in something bright that you can see much better. In fact, it may be what we are most known for—after all, our motto is “TRUGLO – When Brightness Counts.” We offer a variety of technologies to overcome the challange of seeing your sights.

We have been building fiber-optic sights for decades, and know how to make them bright. If you want the best day-time brightness and accuracy for competitive shooting, check out FIBER-OPTIC Pro. This is our brightest design that utilizes a patented light reflected to channel more light into the fiber. If you  are on a budget but still want bright sights for your gun, our standard FIBER-OPTIC sights are a great upgrade.

If you want sights that stay bright even when the lights go out, we’re talking TRITIUM.  Our TRITIUM PRO sights are arguably the brightest sights in the world, and glow bright for 12 years without needing any light exposure, service, or batteries. Standard TRITIUM sights lack a few features from the PRO models, but still have the same bright tritium and amazing twelve-year warranty.

If you want the best of both worlds, check out TFX™ and TFX PRO. These sights combine a fiber-optic and a tritium vial in a pateneted capsule design to create a sight that is bright at night, and increases in brightness when exposed to more light. TFX PRO is the leading edge of tacitcal handgun sight design.


The concept of putting an optic on a pistol used to be edgy and avant garde. Now it is accepted as a pretty common practice. We have a few optics that can be be mounted on a handgun with a picatinny rail (like a a large frame revolver or target rimfire pistol), but our number one pick for pistol optics is the TRU•TEC™ Micro. The TRU•TEC Micro is designed to ride on the slide of optics ready pistols and withstand the abuse that this entails. This sight is available in red (TG8100B) or green (TG8100G) and is now available in multiple “footprints” for different slide cuts or mounting applications.


For many pistol enthusiasts, upgrading, modifying, and otherwise working on your own gun comes with the territory. Sure, you can try to be the guy who uses carpentry or automotive tools on a gun, but we don’t recommend it. These simple tools can go a long way when working on popular handgun models.