Tru Touch

Many of our archery products utilize a special process that we refer to as TRU•TOUCH™. This process involves the application of a proprietary coating on parts prior to assembly. Products treated with our TRU•TOUCH technical coating offer improved user experience through a more comfortable feel and improved noise reduction and vibration damping.


Many archery accessories are made from aluminum, which is a very good thermal conductor. This is why aluminum bows and aluminum accessories often feel cold to the touch. For its strength and weight, aluminum is a fantastic material, but can be uncomfortable on those cold days in the treestand. The TRU•TOUCH coating provides an insulating barrier between your skin and the archery accessory. This coating allows us to use the same strong and lightweight aircraft grade aluminum without the “cold to the touch” feeling that you would normally experience with other products made from the same material.


There is nothing quite as out of place in the woods as the metallic “tink” of bumping your sight or stabilizer and giving away your position. In addition to TRU•TOUCH being a good thermal insulator, it is also a great sound insulator. When you inevitably bump your sight against something in the stand or blind, TRU•TOUCH helps block that bright metallic sound, keeping things quiet and discreet.

As bow technology improves, bows are getting quieter and faster, but many set-ups may still have small amounts of rattle and vibration (Sometimes it is something as simple as partially loose screw or an arrow that is not completely snapped into the quiver). Using products treated with our damping TRU•TOUCH coating can help reduce the noise and vibration on your bow. If you have significant amounts of noise and vibration, we recommend the use of other products to help tame the sound, such as one of our vibration-absorbing stabilizers or TRU•BLOCK string silencers. We hope you understand the advantages TRU•TOUCH provides. After all, can a bowhunter ever be too quiet? Good luck on your next hunt!