The Rifleman Collection

We’re a Texas company. Inherently, that means we like our rifles and slinging lead a long way. Whether you are into tactical semi-auto rifles, classic bolt-action designs, or rimfire guns for plinking and squirrel hunting, we have some great options.  Here are some of our favorite sights and accessories for riflemen.


Among our staff, the go-to hunting rifle scope is the Intercept, available in a 3-9×42 and 4-12x44mm with an illuminated reticle. For all-purpose tactical carbine builds, the Omnia series is a great option. This optic features a reticle designed for 5.56 (XM193) and includes a one-piece mount for an AR. The Omnia is available in a 1-4, 1-6, and 1-8x models, providing options for various budgets and shooting distances. For long range precision applications, the Eminus is our top pick. This also scope includes a one-piece AR mount, but works great on bolt-action rifles with 30mm rings. The Eminus is available in a 3-9x42mm, 4-16x44mm, and 6-24x50mm. Each of the above scopes has a reticle listed in the Strelok ballistic calculator application, providing a helpful “ballpark” for long range ballistics.


For medium and close-range shooting, it is hard to beat the speed and comfort of a red dot sight. For AR applications, the TRU•TEC™ series and the IGNiTE series are great options. For rimfire rifles and shooters on a budget, our classic 30mm RED•DOT and 30mm DOT•OPTICS optics are simple but popular options.


We offer replacement fiber-optic and tritium sights for select rifle models. The ability to see your sights better will always improve your accuracy and speed. We currently sell fiber-optic sights for the Muzzleloaders, the Ruger® 10-22, Remington® 700, and several lever-action models. Tritium front sight posts are available for AR-15 and AK-47 rifle platforms.


Improving stability is a sure way to improve effective accuracy. For hunters, the SOLID•SHOT bipod and tripod are great from the ground or in a blind. For bench and prone shooters, the TAC•POD™ series bipod mounts to a sling swivel stud and provides a solid foundation for an accurate shot. Our team recommends the pivoting model so that you can be sure your optic is level, even on unlevel ground. The TAC•POD™ Carbon Pro provides even more rotation and adjustment in a lightweight platform. If your rifle has a Picatinny rail on the underside of the stock, the Carbon Pro model will be best suited to mount to your rifle without the need for adaptors.


Once you outfit your rifle with an optic or sights and a bipod, don’t forget to pick up something to shoot at. Our high-visibility reactive targets make it easy to sight in your rifle at 50 or 100 yards and see hits without having to use a spotting scope. The 5-up target models (diamond or bullseye) and the large 100-yard bullseye are great for sighting in rifles. Make sure to use the included repair dots to make the target last longer!