Sight compatibility for TaurusĀ® G2, G2C, and G3

TRUGLO TFX PRO (TG13TA2PC), TFX (TG13TA2A), and TRITIUM PRO (TG231T2W) are designed around the Taurus 709 Slim, 740 Slim, and Millennium G2 models. The G2C and G3 use the same sight cut as the G2.

As a part of QC procedure, Taurus occasionally changes the rear sight on some of the G2, G2C, and G3 models to match the point of impact of a particular gun. The rear sight height we sell is designed around the most common Taurus rear sight. The majority of the time, this will fit properly and and the point of impact will be correct. If your individual gun was one that received a different rear sight from the Taurus factory, your point of impact may be slightly high or slightly low. In that case, please contact our customer service department at 972-774-0300. We have “non-standard” height Taurus rear sights on hand that can be exchanged for your current rear sight to achieve a better point of impact.

As we discovered this, the 2020 catalog lists the G2C as an excluded model. This is not the case. The majority of G2C and G3 sights will fit fine, and POI will be correct. Only rare occasions require a different rear sight.