Decreasing Diameter Pin Design

On some of our archery sight pages, you may have noticed the mention of DDP technology. DDP stands for Decreasing Diameter Pins. This refers to the pin configuration in a multi-pin bow sight, starting with a larger diameter pin at the top of the sight and using smaller diameter pins toward the bottom of the sight. This is a patented feature exclusively for TRUGLO, Inc.


Most bow sights use the same size pin (fiber) diameter for all pins. .019 in. is common, but some sights feature .010 and .029 in. pins. Generally speaking, pin diameters are selected based on application. A larger pin is generally brighter and easier to see, especially in low-light scenarios. A smaller fiber diameter is more precise, but may be a bit more difficult so see in low light. A smaller aiming point covers less of the target, making it easier to see exactly where you are aiming (to a hunter: “the middle of a deer’s lungs” rather than “the front half of the deer”). Like many things, the appropriate pin size in a bow sight really comes down to “what are you going to use it for?” above other variables. A competition shooter or any archer shooting longer distances is probably most accurate with a smaller diameter pin. Generally, competitors are shooting somewhere with at least decent lighting, so increasing precision is a priority over increasing general visibility. On the other the other end, a hunter in a treestand is very likely to be shooting shorter distances under a thick tree canopy without a lot of ambient light; brightness in the last minutes of legal light is a priority over long-distance precision. This is why a sight like the PENDULUM comes with a seemingly large .029 in. fiber-optic pin.


Instead of having to choose between “big bright pins for close range and low light” or “smaller, more precise pins for longer range”, DDP combines both of these ideas, using smaller diameter fibers for increased precision on the bottom pins, and using larger diameter fiber-optics on the top pins. This creates a versatile sight picture that works well for how most bowhunters and tend to shoot. We use DDP to describe this concept, not the specific fiber diameters. Some of our older sights included .029, .019, and .010 in. diameter pins. Many of our newer sights that incorporate additional technologies to increase brightness just use a combination of .019 and .010 in. pins in a DDP configuration.


While DDP is a great advantage to many hunters, it is not for everyone. Some hunters find multiple pin sizes confusing or distracting. Hunters with a strong astigmatism may have a bit more difficulty lining up pins of different sizes than pins of the same size. This is why we offer some sights with DDP and some without. In our current lineup, VEROS™ and HYPER•STRIKE™ use Decreasing Diameter PRO•BRITE™ pins, while the CARBON•HYBRID™CARBON XTREME, and the STORM™ G2 use fiber-optic pins of the same diameter.

The VEROS™ bow sight is shown here (both in a technical drawing and a photo from the field). This is a good example of how DDP sights provid large, bright pins for closer distances and smaller more precise pins for longer distances (50 and 60 yards in the case of the photo to the right).