Shotgun Choke Tube Compatibility

If you shotgun does not appear on our choke capability chart then we either do not offer a choke for the platform or we require information on which choke system your shotgun utilizes. Please contact the manufacturer of your shotgun for their choke tube system compatibility confirmation and come back to us with this information. Once we have this information, we can make the best recommendation.


12 TG180X (.665 in.) TG150XC(.643 in.) TG170XC (.665 in.) Remington® Remchoke 870/1100/11-87/887; Charles Daly® pumps, and semi-automatics; Mossberg® Pro-Factor™ PF3
12 TG150AXC(.643 in.) Remington® Pro Bore
12 TG181X (.680 in.) TG151XC(.670 in.) TG171XC (.695 in.) Mossberg® 3.5 AccuChoke 835 Ulti-Mag/935 Magnum
12 TG182X (.665 in.) TG152XC(.643 in.) TG172XC (.665 in.) Winchester ® WinChoke 1200/1300/1400; Browning® Invector; Charles Daly® Over-Under models; H&R® (excluding Excell automatic); Ithaca®; Maverick Arms® 88, Mossberg® Pro-Factor™ PF1 1500/535/9200/930; New England Firearms®; SKB®; Stoeger® Coach/Condor/Uplander; Weatherby®
12 TG183X (.665 in.) TG153XC(.643 in.) TG173XC (.665 in.) Benelli® Crio
12 TG184X (.665 in.) TG154XC(.643 in.) TG174XC (.665 in.) Beretta® OptimaChoke Plus
12 TG154AXC(.643 in.) TG174AXC (.665 in.) Beretta® OptimaChoke HP
12 TG185X (.665 in.) TG175XC (.665 in.) Benelli®/Beretta® Mobil choke; Franchi®; Stoeger®; Pumps, and semi-automatics; Mossberg® Pro-Factor™ PF2 Silver Reserve
12 TG186X (.665 in.) TG156XC(.643 in.) TG176XC (.565 in.) Browning® Invector Plus; Winchester® Super X2/X3/Supreme; Sake®/Tikka®
20 TG187X (.565 in.) TG157XC(.550 in.) TG177XC (.565 in.) Remington® RemChoke and most Charles Daly®/Mossberg® Pro-Factor™ PF3
20 TG188X (.565 in.) TG178XC (.565 in.) Winchester® WinChoke; Maverick Arms® 88;/Mossberg® AccuChoke 500/505/510 Mini/Pro-Factor™ PF1