My Lens Kit is a Little Blurry and Unclear, What Can Be Done?

If you recently acquired one of our lens kits these lenses should not appear blurry, but can benefit from the use of smaller diameter peeps…smaller than what may be presently installed. If this smaller diameter peep does not resolve the clarity of the aperture/target image, we’d recommend to take this lens back to the dealer where it was purchased.


The dealer where you purchased this sight is authorized to make an over the counter replacement of this product for you if you are having trouble with any mechanical aspect of the product. Please be sure to have your original sales receipt and UPC Code (bar code) from the original packaging.


If your dealer is not able to make this replacement, you can contact us at the number below to request a Return of Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

Having Trouble Sighting in Your Bow Sight?

It is not uncommon to encounter difficulties during the zeroing process of an archery sight. Because there are several factors involved and we want to be sure to offer you the best advice possible please give us a call at the number below and we can have one of these archery sights in our hands. We can review your situation over the phone and make recommendations from this information. We’d recommend taking your bow to the local archery pro-shop or range where you made this purchase, for their expertise and assistance in getting your bow sighted in. There may be some small detail(s) that have been overlooked in this setup that are influencing your shooting results.


Customer Service Phone Number


Toll Free: 877-269-8490


RANGE•ROVER™ Series Micro-Adjustment Ball Bearing Replacement Process

If the spring and ball bearing of the micro-adjust feature on your Range Rover series sight fell out hopefully you were able to find them, if not, give us a call. After you find the spring and ball bearing or receive the replacements from us please refer to the below steps for re-installation.


  1. Start by loosening the set screw located on the adjustment knob. It will be the flat head screw head located at the opposite end of the micro-adjust knob.
  2. To remove the adjustment knob rotate the knob counter-clockwise.
  3. When removed, place the spring and ball bearing in the hole located near the main guide screw.
  4. Gently tighten adjustment knob back on while making sure the ball bearing does not fall out.
  5. Use a flat headed screwdriver to advance the screw while holding on the adjustment knob.
  6. Tighten set screw.

Replacement Felt for the Carbon XS Rest

The material on your Carbon XS rest is not common material. We have created a proprietary material that will last much longer than normal felt. The felt itself is going to wear off (break-in) in the arrow contact area but then the arrow will begin riding on the backer tape (We have confirmed that new felt, versus broken-in felt, does not affect point of impact)  The felt remains in the area around the arrow to quiet the rest.

Bonded felt replacements have been included with each rest for use and installation as required. A piece of felt is not worn-out until the base layer of the bonded material has been broken through…at which point the material on the Carbon XS arm will then begin to wear. The installation of the replacement bonded material will bring this rest back to standard.


If you cannot locate the replacement felt provided with the rest please contact us using the link below.

Are There Lens Kits Greater Than 2x?

At this time, we do not offer a lens greater than 2x for TRUGLO archery sights. For higher power lenses please contact:

Office – 607.256.0759
Toll Free – 866.384.5367


When trying to determine the apporpiate diameter lens for our sights or lens compatibility feel free to give us a call or check our catalog as it now offers the aperture diameter in the product specs.

How to use the Micro Adjust Feature?

If you are new to arhcery or this is your first sight that utilizes a micro adjustment feature it will be very helpful to review the information below.


When making adjustments it is always easier to hold the sight as if you are shooting. For the windage adjustment, after unlocking the thumb nut or the windage lock knob, turning the micro-adjust knob clockwise will move the aperture to the shooter’s left. For the elveation adjustment, after unlocking the thumb nut or elevation lock knob, turning the micro-adjust knob clockwise will lower the aperture.


Be sure that the apporpiate locking nut is always loosened before making any adjustments. The micro-adjust feature is perfect for making small finite adjustments on the fly.


PENDULUM Sight Aperture Having Trouble Swinging?

If the aperture on your PENDULUM sight is having trouble swinging freely during use the problem can be caused by the rubber bushing on the threaded portion of your PENDULUM swing stop screw.  This bushing can become deformed and spread out enough to contact the sides of the swing stop cutout, creating drag and impeding the action of the sight.


Please fully remove your swing stop screw and examine the rubber bushing for deformation. Sometimes when placed away, especially for a longer period of time, it can make sense to not fully tighten down the bushing to help retain its original dimension.


Lastly, if the informartion above does not fix/help please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Replacement Bubble Level Installation Tips

If the bubble level on your TRUGLO archery sight has fallen off the re-installation of the level is a straight forward process. If you were unable to locate the level or it was somehow damaged be sure to contact us for a replacement via the “Contact” link at the bottom of this page. If your bubble level attaches via a mounting plate at the bottom of the aperture any good quality clear household adhesive is fine. A clear, 5-minute two part epoxy is very good for this application. The mounting plate will already be level in the aperture so be sure the level sits flush against the plate and you’re back in business.


One thing to note is if you have one of our Range Rover Series sights where the bubble level in contained within a bracket which is mounted below the aperture, the re-installation can be tricky but not impossible. However, if you should require assistance be sure to contact us using the “Contact” link at the bottom of the page and we’ll be happy to assist you.