How to Convert my Rival Hunter Sight for Left Hand Operation?

To get your pins properly set for left-hand operation, you will first need to completely remove the clear plastic fiber guard.


Next you will need to remove each of the fives pins.  These pins will then be relocated largest at top, to smallest at bottom. It is important to re-route these five fibers through the same port that lies inside the aperture and runs directly under the push-button light. At this point, the push-button pin light will be at the bottom of the sight, with the pin fibers entering into the port and directly into the illumination area for the light.


Last step is to remove the aperture from the elevation assembly, once this is removed flip the bracket backward so that the TRUGLO logo is now upside down. Reinstall the aperture so that the largest diameter pin is on top. Reinstall the clear plastic fiber guard and secure with the removed screws.