How to Convert my Micro-Brite Sight for Left Hand Operation?

The conversion of the Micro-Brite Sight to left-hand operation is not difficult.


  1. First, remove the windage lock.
  2. Next, remove the two windage assembly mounting screws located on the underside of the riser bracket, directly below the windage lock.
  3. Slide the bracket from the windage assembly.
  4. Flip the bracket so the windage lock removed earlier is now positioned down.
  5. Reassemble the sight.
  6. You will now need to relocate the pins so they are in descending order, largest to smallest, from top to bottom.
  7. To switch the pins, first remove the clear plastic fiber guard that encircles the aperture. Some earlier Micro Brite sights have two clear fiber guards, both must be removed for this step.
  8. You will not need to remove the middle pin, it remains in its factory position.
  9. Fully unscrew each pin and keep record of which track it was removed.
  10. Relocate it the opposite order, in the same track, descending in size from top down.
  11. Sometimes it is helpful to use a small piece of tape to hold the fibers in place while wrapping these back onto the aperture.
  12. The level can now be removed and relocated to its opposite installation position for left-hand operation.
  13. Replace the fiber guard and the conversion is done.