RANGE•ROVER™ Series Micro-Adjustment Ball Bearing Replacement Process

If the spring and ball bearing of the micro-adjust feature on your Range Rover series sight fell out hopefully you were able to find them, if not, give us a call. After you find the spring and ball bearing or receive the replacements from us please refer to the below steps for re-installation.


  1. Start by loosening the set screw located on the adjustment knob. It will be the flat head screw head located at the opposite end of the micro-adjust knob.
  2. To remove the adjustment knob rotate the knob counter-clockwise.
  3. When removed, place the spring and ball bearing in the hole located near the main guide screw.
  4. Gently tighten adjustment knob back on while making sure the ball bearing does not fall out.
  5. Use a flat headed screwdriver to advance the screw while holding on the adjustment knob.
  6. Tighten set screw.