What Batteries Does My Bow Sight Light Use?

If you have our TRU-Lite(TG55) or TRU-Lite Xtreme(TG56) sight light that uses a twist on/off motion to operate, it takes: (3) ENERGIZER 392, 384 or 192 batteries. If there is a height problem, (too low) a #8 lock washer can be installed at the LED end of the light, then place the batteries on top and secure. You can purchase batteries for your TRU-Lite and TRU-Lite Xtreme light on our website, TRUGLO part # TG988A

Our new TRU-Lite Pro(TG57) sight light operates on a single CR927 battery that is installed via a tray inside the light. There are small markings inside the sight light which indicate which direction the “+” and “-” sides on the battery face.  You can also purchase these batteries on our wesbite, TRUGLO Part # TG988G.

The batteries for the twist on/off style lights will install with their positive (+ side/smooth side) facing outwards, away from the illuminated end of the light. If there are any questions regarding battery installation feel free to give our Customer Service Department a call for further information and help.



TG988A Replacement Batteries (3-Pack)
TG988G Replacement Batteries (3-Pack)

RANGE•ROVER™ PRO Duo Dot Explanation

The Range Rover Pro Duo Dot adds an additional red LED inside the lens for a long range point of aim. With most hunting setups the red LED will provide a reference for 50 yards when the green LED is dialed to 20 yards. This reference provides a 50 yard point-of-aim, but also provides a sense of scale to “gap shoot” between the pins.


For long range practice, the red LED also provides a point-of-aim beyond the range of the calibrated tape. This distance will depend on arrow speed and flight characteristics. Below is a video which further discusses the new Duo Dot system.


4x32mm Crossbow Scope Reticle Information

The TRUGLO 4x32mm Crossbow Scope comes with a great feature of having Range Finder/BCD reticle designed for crossbows. The different yardage lines (stadia lines) you see are not necessarily representing 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards respectively. In a perfect scenario, they might each represent ten yard gaps in range. Due to different crossbow performance values, speed of the bolt, weight of the bolt, broadhead, or target point, vane configurations, there are many factors influencing flight and POI (Point Of Impact) results.

Where your arrows find their zero/POI is something you will need to discover through shooting results before or beyond these theoretical 10 yard increments. It is quite possible for a sight to work at two yardages, in your case, 20 and 30 yards, and not hit the next mark, presumably 40 yards. In your case, your POI is high, which might indicate a faster speed of your bolt.  This being the case, you will need to discover through actual shooting results, the distance that best coordinates with the third crosshair down, somewhere past 40 yards. This will probably also be the case with your fourth crosshair, actual shooing will determine the distance of the convergent POI result. Once these two longer POI distances are confirmed, you can then make a note for reference.


SPEED•SHOT™ Release Strap – Standard vs Junior

The TRUGLO Speed Shot release offers a dedicated junior model  which features a scaled down wrist strap for smaller shooters. We included the strap’s wrist circumference below to help decide which size is best for your applicaton.


BOA Jr. Strap wrist circumference 4.0”-6.5”

BOA Strap wrist circumference 6.5”-9.0”

Should you have any further questions regarding sizing or appliation please use the “Contact” link below and we are happy to help.

How to Convert my Micro-Brite Sight for Left Hand Operation?

The conversion of the Micro-Brite Sight to left-hand operation is not difficult.


  1. First, remove the windage lock.
  2. Next, remove the two windage assembly mounting screws located on the underside of the riser bracket, directly below the windage lock.
  3. Slide the bracket from the windage assembly.
  4. Flip the bracket so the windage lock removed earlier is now positioned down.
  5. Reassemble the sight.
  6. You will now need to relocate the pins so they are in descending order, largest to smallest, from top to bottom.
  7. To switch the pins, first remove the clear plastic fiber guard that encircles the aperture. Some earlier Micro Brite sights have two clear fiber guards, both must be removed for this step.
  8. You will not need to remove the middle pin, it remains in its factory position.
  9. Fully unscrew each pin and keep record of which track it was removed.
  10. Relocate it the opposite order, in the same track, descending in size from top down.
  11. Sometimes it is helpful to use a small piece of tape to hold the fibers in place while wrapping these back onto the aperture.
  12. The level can now be removed and relocated to its opposite installation position for left-hand operation.
  13. Replace the fiber guard and the conversion is done.

RANGE•ROVER™ Series – 2nd and 3rd Axis Adjustment

The Archer’s Choice Range Rover Pro 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments are incorporated into the level.


Loosen the “level” lock and the level may be rotated around the “level lock” (3rd axis), or tilted horizontally using the two set screws (2nd axis).

How to Convert my RANGE•ROVER™ PRO Sight for Left Hand Operation?

We are addressing this Left-hand conversion by offering a riser assembly from one of our Left-Handed Range Rover Single Pin sight (TG6411BLH). This riser assembly will allow you to remove your aperture (1 screw) and reinstall the LED head on this factory set left-hand riser.


All we require for you to receive this left-hand riser assembly is a copy of the proof of purchase (UPC CODE) from your packaging and a copy of the receipt from your dealer of purchase. Once this requested information is received, we will ship this left-hand riser assembly.


Please email all requested information to [email protected] including: name, address, and contact info.

How to Convert my Rival Hunter Sight for Left Hand Operation?

To get your pins properly set for left-hand operation, you will first need to completely remove the clear plastic fiber guard.


Next you will need to remove each of the fives pins.  These pins will then be relocated largest at top, to smallest at bottom. It is important to re-route these five fibers through the same port that lies inside the aperture and runs directly under the push-button light. At this point, the push-button pin light will be at the bottom of the sight, with the pin fibers entering into the port and directly into the illumination area for the light.


Last step is to remove the aperture from the elevation assembly, once this is removed flip the bracket backward so that the TRUGLO logo is now upside down. Reinstall the aperture so that the largest diameter pin is on top. Reinstall the clear plastic fiber guard and secure with the removed screws.

How to Convert my PENDULUM Sight for Left Hand Operation?

The PENDULUM sights (Item#TG700 and TG701) are well suited for left-hand use.


When you flip the riser bracket, the elevation gang will be in its opposite orientation from its as shipped design. The two screws above the aperture need to be removed, so you can rotate the aperture and re-secure the two screws. The light will now be to the outside when installed for left-hand use.


Left-Hand Adjustment:

1. Flip the bracket upside down.

2. Remove the screws from the top of the aperture, rotate the aperture 180 degrees and re-install the screws (do not overtighten).

3. Re-install the adjustable yardage stop.