General Q&A About PWR•DOT Lens?

How scratch resistant is the lens?  

We use a material and coatings found in modern eye glasses (i.e. not glass, but a durable clear plastic with coatings.)  It will stand up to some abrasion, scratching etc, but care must be taken to protect it.  This sight comes with a neoprene cover to address these concerns.


Are there any coatings on the lens to minimize rain drop blur.

Yes.  But as we all have experienced, rain tends to leave dirt / debris on the lens.  Best to protect the lens from the elements if possible.  This sight comes with a neoprene cover to address these concerns.


Are there any coatings on the lens to minimize dust collection?

Yes.  This is a multi-coated lens, but there are limitations.  This sight comes with a neoprene cover to address these concerns.


How does one clean the lens to minimize scratching it?

The sight comes with a soft cleaning cloth.  If you lose this cloth, there are many suitable replacements.  Avoid paper towels, or other abrasive materials.  Water is safe to use for cleaning, stay away from harsh chemicals.


Is the lens replaceable if it becomes scratched up or damaged? 

The lens is not replaceable (i.e. the lens is wired in with the control / battery compartment).

RANGE•ROVER™ Series – Yardage Tape Compatibility

The Archer’s Choice Range Rover Series sight comes with over 80 pre-printed yardage tapes to accommodate most bow setups. However there are times we run across a bow/sight combination that does not match one of our tapes, in most instances this can be accounted to heavier arrows at slower speeds. We unfortunately do not have pre-printed tapes to match these ballistics.


If you have encoutnered this situation you can go to to get a tape from this website that will match your bow’s specific ballistic data. Before visiting this website, it is good to have the following information:

  • Arrow weight with tip
  • Draw Length
  • Speed of arrow (fps)

This will allow you to dial in more accurate information for the correct tape.

RANGE•ROVER™ Series – Yardage Tape Speeds

The Archer’s Choice Ranger Rover Series comes with a yardage tape system that approximately brackets the projectile speeds as indicated below. With over 80 choices available, this system covers most bow speeds on the market.


Tapes 1 – 41

Tapes 1 – 41 go from 240fps to 320fps by increments of 2fps.


Tapes 44 – 84

Tapes 44 – 84 go from 205fps to 285fps by increments of 2fps

Differences in the RANGE•ROVER™ PRO – Original vs Current Version

Over the years we have worked continously to improve our product. One of the more recent revisions to our current sight line-up is the rheostat of the RANGE•ROVER™ PRO sight. The original version (Item#TG6400GB) uses a turn-dial style reticle illumination control whereas the current version (Item#TG6401GB) of this sight uses the new push-button reticle illumination control (pictured below).


This push-button style rheostat is more reliable and user friendly. Pressing either the “+” or “-” button will turn the sight on and adjust the brightness level of the LED Power Dot. Although the sight has an auto-off feature after 4 hours without adjustment to preservce battery life you can also manually turn the sight off by pressing both buttons at the same time.


Do you need replacement/additional pins?

If you need any replacement or additional pins for your TRUGLO bow sight we are here to help. Please visit our “Contact” link at the bottom of the page and fill out the Contact Us page. Be sure to include a photo of your complete sight and another specifically detailing the pin(s) required. These photos are a great help to ensure we select the correct style pins the first time and provide correct pricing.


In the message please include the number of pins you need, fiber color preference (green, yellow, or red), as well as if the pin will go in the rear track (closest to target) or front track (closest to shooter). Once we have this information it will be reviewed and a customer service representative will reach out to you shortly.


Missing Light on my STORM™ G2?

STORM (TG3013B)   


STORM G2 (TG3015B)


There are a multiple versions of the STORM™ and STORM G2 bow sight, with the most common being the TG3015B 5-pin sight and the TG3013B 3-Pin sight. There is a pocket on the back of the packaging for a sight light. The TG3015B (5-Pin model) does include a light in the packaging. In order to offer the STORM at a low price, the TG3013B does NOT contain a light. This gives customers the option to ad the light separately if it is desired.

Multiple light models are compatible with this sight. These lights are available for purchase on this website, or through any TRUGLO dealer.

•TG55 TRU•LITE™ (link to product)
•TG56 TRU•LITE Xtreme (link to product)
•TG57 TRU•LITE Pro (link to product)

All of these light models will fit STORM series sights. (as well as all other TRUGLO sights) The TG57 TRU•LITE PRO is the newest model that is currently included in the packaging of the 5-Pin STORM G2 and several other archery sights.


TG56 TRU•LITE Xtreme

What is the size of the PWR•DOT in the RANGE•ROVER™ PRO?

The size of the LED in the RANGE•ROVER™ PRO Power Dot Aperture is a two part answer.

When the LED is not operating, it measures .050” high x .025” wide. When illuminated, the visible LED green dot’s size can appear to be as small as 0.005” and increase to approximately .029” diameter.

Can’t find the RANGE•ROVER™ yardage tapes?

The yardage tape for the RANGE•ROVER™ Series sights are located in the pocket behind the header card of the packaging.

In the hurry and excitement of opening a brand new sight, it can sometimes be overlooked.

TRU•FIT™ Universal Strap Compatibility Guide

Our TRU-Fit Universal BOA strap was intentionally designed to fit non-TRUGLO aftermartket releases such as Scott, T.R.U. Ball, Cobra, TRU-Fire, and countless others due to our Nylon Strap and Rope attachment system.


Due to this strap being designed to fit other brand aftermartket releases it is not compatible with TRUGLO releases. We do not recommend this product if you’re needing to replace the BOA strap of your current TRUGLO release (Detonator, Nitrus, Activator, etc.). Should you require any assistance with your TRUGLO release please visit the “Contact” link at the bottom of this page and we’ll be happy to assist you.




Hoyt Spacer Kit

We have addressed the problem and have a simple resolution.


We are manufacturing and providing a spacer and (2) longer screws in a kit, which will directly address and resolve the problem.


Please contact our Customer Service department for this spacer kit.