Differences in the RANGE•ROVER™ PRO – Original vs Current Version

Over the years we have worked continously to improve our product. One of the more recent revisions to our current sight line-up is the rheostat of the RANGE•ROVER™ PRO sight. The original version (Item#TG6400GB) uses a turn-dial style reticle illumination control whereas the current version (Item#TG6401GB) of this sight uses the new push-button reticle illumination control (pictured below).


This push-button style rheostat is more reliable and user friendly. Pressing either the “+” or “-” button will turn the sight on and adjust the brightness level of the LED Power Dot. Although the sight has an auto-off feature after 4 hours without adjustment to preservce battery life you can also manually turn the sight off by pressing both buttons at the same time.