Missing Light on my STORM™ G2?

STORM (TG3013B)   


STORM G2 (TG3015B)


There are a multiple versions of the STORM™ and STORM G2 bow sight, with the most common being the TG3015B 5-pin sight and the TG3013B 3-Pin sight. There is a pocket on the back of the packaging for a sight light. The TG3015B (5-Pin model) does include a light in the packaging. In order to offer the STORM at a low price, the TG3013B does NOT contain a light. This gives customers the option to ad the light separately if it is desired.

Multiple light models are compatible with this sight. These lights are available for purchase on this website, or through any TRUGLO dealer.

•TG55 TRU•LITE™ (link to product)
•TG56 TRU•LITE Xtreme (link to product)
•TG57 TRU•LITE Pro (link to product)

All of these light models will fit STORM series sights. (as well as all other TRUGLO sights) The TG57 TRU•LITE PRO is the newest model that is currently included in the packaging of the 5-Pin STORM G2 and several other archery sights.


TG56 TRU•LITE Xtreme