HIP•SHOT™ Crossbow Shooting Rest





Product Description

Crossbow shooting rest

An unsupported shot with a crossbow is often uncomfortable, inaccurate, or even dangerous. HIP•SHOT™ Crossbow Shooting rest provides a stable platform that easily goes with you on any hunt. By bracing against your hip or the ground, you can take advantage of a stable 3-point support that works while sitting, standing, or kneeling. Compact and lightweight, HIP•SHOT is a trusted hunting companion for any crossbow shooter.


  • Increases stability for greater accuracy
  • Great for tree stands and ground blinds
  • Makes large / heavy crossbows easier to shoot
  • Comfortably shoot from standing, sitting, kneeling, or prone positions
  • Vertical grip moves hand safely away from crossbow rail
  • Lightweight folding design stores easily in a pack or on a belt
  • Telescoping design fits all sizes of shooters
  • Fully assembled



Removing the bracket reveals a standard 1/2-20 thread. HIP•SHOT™ can also be used as a camera, light, or optics support.



Adjustable wrist strap keeps HIP•SHOT™ at close reach with a buckle that easily attaches to a pack or belt.


Model Length Weight Construction
TG8930XB Adjustable from 20-29 in. 10 oz. Lightweight aluminum and composite materials


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  • Weight: 0.8 oz

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