Correct Sight Picture for Handgun Sights

All of our sights are optimized for a “combat style” 25-yard POI result. With the three dots in alignment, the front/center dot should be centered on the target.  This is considered a “combat-style” sight picture.


Using this sight picture should result in a Point-of-Impact (POI) directly behind the front sight dot at 25 yards. Please shoot your pistol from a solid rest at 25 yards, with two hands, using this sight picture.


We believe that the above sight picture provides the most consistent Point-of-Aim (POA)/ Point-of-Impact (POI) in all shooting conditions, Day or Night.


If you have any further questions regarding the combat style sight picture feel free to email [email protected]mailto:[email protected] or call us toll free 877-269-8490