Beretta® PX4 Storm – Handgun Sights

The following are recommended for the Beretta PX4 Storm Full-size and Sub-Compact models.


TFX Pro® TG13BR1PC Orange FOCUS⋅LOCK™ Front sight Only.
TFX® TG13BR1A White FOCUS⋅LOCK™ Front sight Only.
Tritium Pro TG231B1W White FOCUS⋅LOCK™ Front sight, u-notch rear, angled rear for emergency one-hand slide operation.


The sight models detailed are not compatible with the Beretta PX4 Storm Compact model.


If it were physically possible to design a rear sight for the Beretta PX4 that contains our TFX/TFO technology for this pistol, we would make this available. Due to the design features of this firearm, there is not adequate space to incorporate these features without interfering with the operation of the firearm. When the trigger is depressed, the firing pin stop protrudes above the slide and would hit a TFO, TFX, or TFX PRO rear sight.