OMNIA™ Reticle Manual

Early versions of the product manual included an extra line that is not present in the scope reticle.  All other markings in your scope are correct.


Like any BDC scope, the drop distances can be measured for any cartridge.


To take advantage of all of the benefits of the TG8514TLR OMNIA 4 and TG8516TLR OMNIA 6 scopes on an AR-15 or similar platform rifle, a 50/200 zero is recommended.


This allows you to quickly use the center crosshair for shooting up to 300 yards without any adjustment.  The extended BDC ladder can be used for longer ranges.


  • First sight in the center of the illuminated crosshair at 50yds.
  • At 100 yards, the bullet is moving upwards and the POI of impact will be at the top of the center crosshair.
  • At 200 yards, the bullet is now fall through the center of the crosshair.
  • At 300 yards, the POI will be aligned with the bottom of the center crosshair.
  • At 350 yards, the POI will be aligned with top of the BDC ladder.
  • At 400 yards, the POI will align with the first major cross in the BDC ladder.
  • 500 and 600 yard references can also be found on the BDC ladder.


These references are based on the 5.56mm XM193 cartridge (55gr, 3150fps) fired from a 16in. barrel.


These references are designed for combat accuracy, and while close will not exactly match every bullet or barrel profile.  Temperature, shooting angle, and other factors still influence the exact trajectory, but the APTR is specially design to quickly get you on target, near or far.


For other cartridges, it is recommended to obtain a 100yd zero with the center crosshair, and measure or calculate other distances in the BDC ladder.