Replacement Felt for the Carbon XS Rest

The material on your Carbon XS rest is not common material. We have created a proprietary material that will last much longer than normal felt. The felt itself is going to wear off (break-in) in the arrow contact area but then the arrow will begin riding on the backer tape (We have confirmed that new felt, versus broken-in felt, does not affect point of impact)  The felt remains in the area around the arrow to quiet the rest.

Bonded felt replacements have been included with each rest for use and installation as required. A piece of felt is not worn-out until the base layer of the bonded material has been broken through…at which point the material on the Carbon XS arm will then begin to wear. The installation of the replacement bonded material will bring this rest back to standard.


If you cannot locate the replacement felt provided with the rest please contact us using the link below.