Browning Buckmark Front Sight Fiber-Optic Sizes

The Browning BUCKMARK pistol has different diameters, lengths and colors of fiber-optic material used in its front sights depending on which model Buckmark pistol you own.


Which Buckmark pistol do you own:

Buckmark CAMPER  (.078″ diameter fiber optic)

Buckmark PLUS  (.078″ diameter fiber optic)

Buckmark SPORT  (.060″ diameter fiber optic)

Buckmark HUNTER  (.078″ diameter fiber optic)



Below are instructions for correctly reinstalling fiber-optic material in your sight.


Replacement Fiber Installation Instructions:

  1. Cut fiber to fit slightly larger than desired sight housing.
  2. Using a lighter or soldering iron, heat the fiber at one end until small bead forms  (DO NOT TOUCH FIBER TO FLAME OR IRON)
  3. Place the fiber in holder and heat the other end. Fiber should be “locked” into housing by the beads at each end.