Does TRUGLO Sponsor Events?

We occasionally sponsor industry events, non-profit events, and shooting matches (3-Gun, IDPA, etc.). We are passionate about participating in and giving back to our industry, and the future of shooting sports.

If you are interested in having TRUGLO participate in or sponsor an event, please complete the event request form in the link below.


We receive numerous requests, and can’t participate in or sponsor all of them. Please describe your event and the nature of your request is as much detail as possible, noting any deadlines.

Meaning of Universal Fit

While we take large number of variables into account when designing products of a “universal fit”, we will always be confronted with an example where this is not the case. As such, we do describe the product as “Fits almost any” to indicate there can be contrary fitment with occasional combinations.


We regret it is not possible to create a universal product that can take every variant into account and regret we are not able to make an exchange of this product as it was not purchased directly from the TRUGLO website.

Remington Shotgun Rifle Sights (TG110W) – Rear Sight Parts


I need replacement parts for my rear TRUGLO fiber-optic sight on a Remington firearm. The item number is TG110W, how do I get these parts?




TRUGLO only provides the rear sight fiber holder for the TG110W, Remington fiber-optic sight set. The sight assembly (ramp and elevation slider) is provided by Remington.


You can purchase an assembly of Remington rear sight parts (3 pcs. in total, elevation slide and two screws) from GUN PARTS Corp. (NUMRICH ARMS) that will allow you to purchase and install a set of the TG110W sights onto this small group of parts.


Rear Sight Elevation Slide #43



Elevation Slide Screw #44






If you have any further questions regarding these replacement parts, please contact Remington’s Customer Service department.

Night Vision Products

TRUGLO has no specific experience with night vision devices/optics and cannot make any recommendations to model(s) of optics, or their use with similar devices.

TRUGLO Watch Parts

Unfortunately, The TRUGLO Watch Company closed in 2012 and parts are no longer available.

Need help with TRUGLO Binoculars?

TRUGLO, Inc. has discontinued binoculars from our product line. Your binoculars cannot be repaired.  We further regret there is no inventory available for replacement. Please contact us toll free at 877-269-8490 or [email protected] for further assistance.

Game Laws – Electronic Sights

Regulations like this are unique situations and must be address directly. TRUGLO is not in a position to interpret your state game and conservation laws/regulations. You will need to your contact local, or state agents to have them make this determination.