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Product Description

Ultra-smooth, single-jaw archery release

  • Quiet, fast, and accurate
  • Streamlined open-hook single-jaw design for fast and easy loading — perfect for string D-loops
  • Hook opens away from shooter
  • Ultra-smooth, micro-adjustable trigger pull with a crisp feel
  • Precision stainless steel wear-free jaw
  • Stainless steel firing mechanism for increased durability and repeatability
  • Forward trigger position enables faster arrow speeds
  • Ergonomic hand and finger position
  • 360-degree rotating head eliminates string torque
  • Premium release strap for long-lasting comfort
  • Patented



Stainless steel single-jaw design with magnetic hook for fast, easy loading and crisp, consistent release.


for a glove-like fit and all-day comfort. Included with all DETONATOR™ models.


Connector locks release head out of the way.


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Model Closure Type Connection System Strap Finish Trigger Design Jaw Design Construction
TG2560MBB BOA® Dial based performance fit system SIDE•LOCK Black  Ultra-smooth and crisp with micro-adjustable sensitivity/travel Breakthrough stainless steel dual-jaw design Stainless steel jaws and firing mechanism
TG2560MBC Realtree® APG™
TG2560SBC Durable nylon
TG2560SBB Black 
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