ROSSI 92 Lever Action Rifle Sights

We do not produce a set of sights specifically for this Rossi rifle and we have not explored possible sight sets which may be compatible. We can offer the following advice, match the height of your existing front sight, with one of the sets below.  Measure this front sight blade insert from the bottom of the dovetail, to the top of the sight.


TG109 .343” front sight blade

TG112 .450” front sight blade

TG114 .500” front sight blade


The sight sets above are designed for a front sight that has a ramped base, for the front sight blade insert, not a dovetail cut directly into the barrel top as the  Rossi 92 exhibits.


We would also recommend you look at our 3/8″ metal front dovetail sights.


These are available in two colors and four heights: measured from the bottom of the dovetail to the top of the sight.


RED .343″ TG95343RR .450″ TG95450RR .500″ TG95550RR .530″ TG95530RR



Green .343″ TG95343RG .450″ TG95450RG .500″ TG95500RG .530″ TG95530RG

One of these should be compatible with your firearm and provide great contrast and visibility.


TRUGLO always recommends to confirm all dovetail dimensions with the firearm manufacturer, or a professional gunsmith before purchase.