Remington® Front Sight Replacement Tip

If you are looking to replace the front sight bead on your shotgun, you will first need to determine the thread dimension of this front sight bead. You should take your Remington shotgun to a local gunsmith, where they can carefully remove this bead, without damage to the bead or shotgun and then make a determination of its thread dimension. Many Remington shotgun beads are “press-fit”, and not threaded into the barrel. If this is the case with your shotgun, the bead hole will need to be tapped to accept a threaded sight…we recommend to tap for the 6-48 thread dimension.


Once this is known, you can select from our Star Brite, Long Bead and Fat Bead replacement front sights in thread dimensions of:

  • 2.6mm (M2.6×0.45)
  • 3-56
  • 3.0mm (M3x0.50)
  • 5-40
  • 6-48.

These are the most common thread sizes found on most modern shotguns.