Lever Action Sight Installation and Adjustment

TRUGLO always recommends having a professional gunsmith perform any sight removal and installation procedures.


Specialized tools are needed to ensure the original sights are removed without damage to the sights and the firearm.  Likewise, these same sight tools are used for the installation of the new set of sights and again to protect these parts and the firearm.  The expertise of a local gunsmith is also a significant help as there can be an occasional unforeseen issue with the installation which their experience can easily solve.


For adjustment to the sight once installed, the majority of revision takes place on the rear sight.


When installed and looking at the sight from above, you will notice three screws.


The rearmost screw when loosened and re-secured, allows for the windage adjustment (green fiber holder) to move left/right for POI (point of impact) change.  Moving the windage adjustment to the shooter’s left, will shift the POI to the right and moving to the right, will shift POI to the left.


The middle screw adjusts your downrange POI for elevation.  Raising the rear sight will move your POI down and lowering the rear sight will raise POI results.


The most forward screw is used to provide a final set for the rear sight once mechanically centered.