Is it possible to rebuild an old TFO sight set?

Have the fiber-optic/tritium inserts started to become dim or dull? Over time, the tritium in your sights will naturally decay, this is not a warranty issue. The fiber-optic can also dull, especially if it has come in contact with gun cleaning products, lubricants, oils or preservatives.


Rebuilding the TFO (tritium fiber-optic) components is a fairly straightforward process.  We can rebuild these sights off the slide, or on your slide, as you prefer, the cost will be the same at $37.50. The advantage to leaving your sights in place, is your established POI results will be preserved, saving time and ammunition costs to re-zero. Please email our customer service department at [email protected]mailto:[email protected] and we can assign an RMA# for this service and email return shipping instructions.